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Nonprofit Services

Are you thinking of forming a nonprofit organization?

Does your existing nonprofit organization need assistance with obtaining exemption(s)?


Nonprofit organizations have strict rules that must be obeyed during all 6 stages:

Planning and structure

Formation and filing

Obtaining exemptions

Governance and oversight

*General operations (additional details below)

Compliance and reporting


Unfortunately, an alarming number of nonprofit organizations with even the best of intentions are inactivated and even have their exemptions revoked because of simple mistakes made during any and all of these stages.  This time and money is definitely better spent on furthering the mission of the original vision!


Would you prefer not to worry about the many regulations and requirements, and leave the worry to trusted experts with nonprofit experience instead?  Don’t disqualify your organization, or jeopardize its tax-exempt status!


*Not only can we help with ANY of the stages above, we also currently offer the following operational services that are specifically formatted for nonprofit organizations:

  • QuickBooks initial set up and training
  • Bookkeeping and financial statements
  • Designated Fund tracking
  • Contribution tracking with IRS-compliant year-end statements issued
  • Payroll processing, related tax deposits, and returns filed
  • Budget preparation, review, and performance reporting
  • Annual 990 – Return of Organization Exempt From Income tax


No matter what step of the process you are in, we are your one-stop resource.


*Refer-A-Friend for Nonprofit Services coming soon!*

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